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In 2005, the greatest video sharing website of the entire world was born. It was named YouTube by its creators. Soon, it was purchased by the online search engine giant Search engines for around 1.6b dollars. On this system, you can discuss your videos with the entire world easily. Many individuals will watch your videos from across the world.

YouTube has been a HUGE promotion tool for an incredible number of artists and if you are not using it, you are definitely missing out. YouTube is the 3rd greatest website it across the world (behind Google and Facebook) and it has become probably the #1 way to listen to, discover and discuss songs.

The idea of consumers “owning” songs is diminishing and being replaced by streaming services likes Pandora, Spotify and especially YouTube.

Convenience and price are a huge part of that shift, but “shareability” is also an enormous factor. When we used to consume songs solely through terrestrial radio, TV, and YouTube to mp3 like CDs, it was hard to discuss those songs. Now with the mobile, you can discuss it with literally an incredible number of individuals. What does this mean for you as an artist? Get on YouTube!

Given below are a few advantages of web hosting support your videos on YouTube. Read on to know more.

Vast Viewers From Across the World

The success of a company is based on its exposure. For exposure, you do not have any option that is better than YouTube. Once you have submitted your videos selecting the right category and place, you are good to go. If your video is liked by tons of individuals, it may go popular. Once it goes popular, it will get a number of audiences eventually frame. Therefore, the site has an enormous audience.

Cost of Hosting

If you want to variety your individual or company videos on a paid web hosting support service, the price will be very high. On the other side, if you choose YouTube to variety your videos on, the price will be zero. You do not have to spend any money on the operational aspect of your route on YouTube. The site management will take care of everything. All you need to do is publish YouTube to mp3.


Ease of Use

If you opt for paid web hosting support, you will have to spend a lot of your energy buying domains, selecting hosts and setting up your site. However, with YouTube, you have an easy path to walk on. Everything is already set up, so you just need to create an account and that is it. By following some actions, you can publish your videos as fast as your connection allows. Therefore, YouTube is a lot easier to use.

Web Traffic

Your videos will be of no use if they are not watched by anyone. In the situation of your own website, you will have to take the necessary measures in order to bring guests. On the other side, if you publish them on YouTube, the guests will come to your route on your own. Since the system is owned by Search engines, it clips will be indexed in its database automatically.

Bandwidth and sustainability

Since YouTube has hosted, you do not have to worry about the bandwidth and space. You can post as YouTube to mp3 as you can. The endless bandwidth will allow an incredible number of audiences to watch your videos at some point. In the situation of paid web hosting support, if you have not signed up for endless bandwidth and your videos go popular, the server may end up failing and your audiences will not be able to watch any of your YouTube to mp3. In the situation of YouTube, this is no problem.

So, if you have been looking at a paid web hosting support plan publish your company or individual videos, we suggest that you try out YouTube first. I bet you will not repent your decision.